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Yes, I am speaking of


who is coming to Bulgaria on 26.09 this year.

And if unlike me you are not metalheads and are cheesed off by “Godsmack”, don’t stop reading! I am sure that Sully will surprise you.

In 2010 Sully publishes his solo album, in which the Bulgarian violinist Ирина Чиркова takes part. Тhe songs have Arabic motives, originality and sensitivity that are extrinsic for “Godsmack”. Sully, on the other hand, sounds much wiser and more sincere:



I believe that I won’t be wrong by saying that this man is music.

The music is his whole world.  He lives in it and with it, and judging by his solo career, the metal genre is frankly not vast enough for everything he would like to write, compose and sing.

So comes out in 2016 his new album “Hometown life”, whose single I suggest that you check out:


Sully not only shares his life and mistakes with his fans. He reveals his soul to them, touching their own souls by doing so.

We are all sinners and if Sully is one of us, then God surely had forgiven his mistakes, long before giving him such talent.


And for the finale, my favorite performance from Avalon” – “Sinner’s Prayer.


I hope that Sully made your day better!


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